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  > I hadn't realized others had used indiegogo to crowdfund for your travel
  > though. Were there lessons learned from that we should know about?

They did that without consulting me.  When I found out about it, I was
concerned (on general principles) that indiegogo might require nonfree
JS.  I asked a volunteer people to investigate that.  When he reported
that donating on Indiegogo required running nonfree software, that
campaign was over, but the issue of Indiegogo's nonfree JS remained

I had the FSF ask Indiegogo to free its JS code.  Indiegogo declined.
Since then I have tried other ways to fix this -- and I am still
trying.  I will not give up until the job is done.

Is the continued existence of the page
giving people the wrong idea?  If so, I will ask the people who invited me
to try to get rid of the page or add a note to it.

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