Re: GNOME and Ubuntu GNOME

On 27/09/14 12:48, Michael Catanzaro wrote:
Some related advice: stop shipping different versions of GNOME
in the same release. For example, Ubuntu GNOME 14.04 includes
gnome-shell 3.10, gnome-settings-daemon 3.8, and
3.6. None of those are designed to work together: that's why you
control center panels displayed as if they were applications in the
overview, and it's surely causing other bugs as well (I heard that
suspend options were broken?).
Some of the panels in 3.6 were actual separate applications from memory.
Another: you have the Desktop folder displaying in the Places menu on
nautilus sidebar; gnome-settings-daemon is supposed to tell GTK+ not to
show that, but your gnome-settings-daemon is too old.
That is a pretty minor issue, and its certainly not by our choice that gnome-settings-daemon is outdated.

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