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Hello Ali,

From my point of view it is really hard to figure out how to help if we do not know what the problems are. Sebastian's suggestion is not so bad, working closely with the Debian guys and reuse the work, however if you do not state what the problem really is (manpower, technical, infrastructure...) it is really hard for anyone to figure out if we can help at all.

2014-09-26 13:54 GMT+02:00 Ali/amjjawad <amjjawad gnome org>:
Hi everyone,

Since I have joined in July 2013 to Ubuntu GNOME until this very moment, users never stop complaining about the fact that Ubuntu GNOME can not include the latest GNOME release and I have explained that many many times. The last time I did that was:

No matter how many times we keep repeating ourself, this is just a bad/unhappy news to our users.

I am writing to you after I have seen so many negative feedback here:

Is there anything whatsoever we could do? GNOME foundation and Ubuntu Release Team could work more closely, maybe? is there something I/we are not aware of? sorry to assume that - just trying to think the same way our users think - but is it because Ubuntu moved to Unity and left GNOME behind as not the default DE? can we find a way around that?

YES. I know pleasing 'everyone' is a key to failure and YES, I know we have PPA to use the latest GNOME but this is just not good enough for the users.

What I am trying to do here is to exceed people/users expectation. I do care about this a lot.

As a member of GNOME and as a Non-Technical Leader of Ubuntu GNOME, I wish we could discuss about it :)

Many thanks!


(1) I am NOT a developer. I have contacted OMG Ubuntu to correct this but it seems they have not done that yet. I am sending to this email with a copy to Ubuntu GNOME main Developer, Tim.

(2) Before you blame Ubuntu for whatever reason, you need to understand that Ubuntu was a great help for so many users and has done a lot to GNU/Linux world. I know you might disagree with Canonical or Ubuntu Team, but we at Ubuntu GNOME really need some help and support from your side as well. The support we get should not be limited to Ubuntu, but also GNOME.

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