Call for OPW project ideas

Dear Foundation,

The application process for the new round of Outreach Program for Women internships has recently started, and 
we are looking for people willing to mentor GNOME projects in this round. Because we only usually have a few 
participants in OPW, this round we would only like to offer projects that are most strategic for GNOME. These 
include, but are not limited to, projects in the area of privacy [1], developer experience, GTK+ [2], core 
experience, core applications [3], and web infrastructure. We would also like people to think ahead of time 
how they will be able to provide excellent mentorship to the interns before, during, and after the 
internship, and whether there is a larger project team the intern will be able to receive support from. 
Matthias Clasen, Allan Day, and Sriram Ramkrishna have kindly agreed to be a part of a cross-team triage 
committee for proposed project ideas. Please add ideas you are willing to mentor to the wiki page for the 
round [4] by early next week.

You are also welcome to help us spread the word about OPW by using the available sample e-mail, social 
network updates, and the flyer [5]. We are especially interested in getting more college women from the 
Southern Hemisphere, who will have a school summer break during most of the internship time, to apply. If you 
have connections in the Southern Hemisphere, please spread the word there.

One question people might have is whether we would limit GSoC to most strategic ideas too. Google encourages 
the participating organizations to act as umbrella organizations and GNOME acting as one is one of the 
reasons we get so many slots for GSoC. So, in my opinion, we should continue making all projects under the 
GNOME umbrella available for GSoC. We already have a triage team for GSoC that ensures that the proposed 
projects are agreed-upon and feasible.



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