Re: GNOME starts campaign to protect its trademarks

On 11/11/2014, Magdalen Berns <m berns thismagpie com> wrote:
Hi Kat,

At last update, it was USD 21093.90

At last count, the number was up to USD 87693.47.


I am seeing rumours all over the web that Groupon are dropping the idea to
use GNOME as a trademark already, is there any truth in this or is it just
a tactical move to reduce the impact of the fundraiser? If it is the latter
it might be worth squashing the rumours before everyone starts to think
there is no longer a problem.

Groupon have indeed contacted us in the last few hours and have agreed
to abandon their 28 relevant trademark applications as well as to
change the name of their product. For a little bit more information,

We are still in discussions with Groupon regarding the precise
conditions of the name change.

All the best,


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