Board of Directors Elections 2014 - Candidacy - Oliver Propst

Name: Oliver Propst
Email: oliver propst gmail com
Affiliation: None

Dear foundation members I want to announce my candidacy for the GNOME
Board of Directors.

I have been contributing as part of the Engagement Team since 2010,
recently I have been involved with the GUADEC 2015 Gothenburg bid and
the Annual Report.

I think that free software never have more important then now and if
we as a community can get together and do the necessary work the
greatest future of GNOME lay ahead of us.

I have two years of experience of being on the non-for profit FSCONS
board (FSCONS, the free software conference in Gothenburg that Karen
keynoted last year). More info about me (including occupation) can be
found here [1].

In the upcoming year I like to continue explore growth/collaborations
opportunities for the foundation and investigate the benefits of a
possible WC3 membership [2].

I would also want to work for the Board to have a stronger and more
public profile (especially in light of the current situation where we
have no ED).


-mvh Oliver Propst

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