Board of Directors Election 2014 - Candidacy - Jean-François Fortin Tam

Name: Jean-François Fortin Tam
Email: nekohayo at gmail
Affiliation: none (freelance)

Hi everybody,

I would like to offer my candidacy to serve on the Foundation Board.

I have been involved in various areas of GNOME since 2004 or so, including testing, triaging, marketing, mentoring, coding, public speaking and advocacy, UI/UX design, etc. I also graduated from business & management school, so I would like to put that background to good use. I'm keeping this description short & simple (as I suspect many of you will know me); you can learn more about me at

In GNOME's context, my areas of interest include (but are not limited to):

I hope to continue serving GNOME to the best of my abilities.
The board is one area where I hope to make a difference.

Thank you for your consideration,
Jean-François "Jeff" Fortin Tam

[1]: see also my GUADEC 2013 talk

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