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Welcome all! There are some great names on that list.


On Wed, Mar 5, 2014 at 10:52 PM, Andrea Veri <av gnome org> wrote:
Hello everybody!

the GNOME Foundation Membership Committee just processed another round
of renewals / new membership requests today and we're glad to announce
that eight new members joined the Foundation as members today. (while
two past members: Jody Goldberg and Nick Richards had their emeritus
membership accepted)

The new members are: *

1. Mattias Bengtsson (GNOME Maps developer)
2. Piotr Drąg (GNOME Polish translator)
3. Yosef Or Boczko (GNOME Hebrew translator)
4. Žan Doberšek (WebKitGTK+ contributor, GSoC student)
5. Mathieu Duponchelle (Pitivi and gstreamer contributor)
6. David Herrmann (Wayland contributions)
7. Ali Jawad (Ubuntu GNOME community and engagement contributions)
8. Arth Patel (GNOME Calculator contributor, GSoC mentor)

while the emeritus members are:

1. Jody Goldberg (GTK and Gnumeric developer, former board member)
2. Nick Richards (design contributions to Empathy, Evolution and other projects)





Debian Developer,
Fedora / EPEL packager,
GNOME Sysadmin,
GNOME Foundation Membership & Elections Committee Chairman


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