[Introducing Myself] Back to my very first passion and love

Dear GNOME Foundation Members,

My name is Ali and 'amjjawad' is the username I use with FOSS Communities. I am also well-known as "Ali Linx" which is my first name and my endless Love that changed my entire life, that is 'Linux'.

First of all, it is a pleasure and an honor to be part of this great family.

My very first Linux Desktop Environment (DE) was GNOME 2.xx with Ubuntu 9.10 and I just can't forget how great that experience was.

In 2009, I used Linux for 2 weeks only. That was my very first time with Linux. Went back to Windows after that (my very first start with PCs was 1999).

In 2010, I decided to go back to Linux and since then, everything has changed forever :)

Due to the major change to Unity for Ubuntu, I had to seek new home and passion. Tell you the truth, I first didn't like GNOME 3.xx at all and because I was just new to all the Linux world, I tried to do a major change in my choices and tried more than 50 different Linux Distributions. Not sure what happened that one day, I fell in love with Lightweight systems and decided to go for Lubuntu/LXDE.

August, 2011 was a major change in my life that changed a lot of things. From that date until now, I was no longer a Linux User/Beginner but started to make my first steps as a Linux Advocate and Contributor. Two years with Lubuntu, I've been simply one of the very most super active contributors and the one who was behind the popularity for Lubuntu. Had lots of problems with Ubuntu Forums Staff due to that :) lots of threads, lots of Lubuntu stuff, etc ... I was spreading the love and the word of Lubuntu everywhere and I mean it. I am the creator of Lubuntu One Stop Thread:


That when the problem started with Ubuntu Forums Staff, when they decided to close that thread and turn it to a Wiki Page:


Tell you the truth, that was very long history, to make it short, here is some of what I have done and achieved:


Sadly, all these achievements had to stop when the main developer of Lubuntu decided to take a path that is against my vision for Lubuntu (as a very active contributor and Team Leader of many sub-teams) so for the sake of the project and the community, I had to step down and resign from my roles instead of adding more problems to the project. Full divorce from Lubuntu was December, 2013 although I resigned in July from my roles but couldn't leave until Dec, 2013 :)
Yes. I loved Lubuntu so much.

New chapter of my life has been written when I have joined Ubuntu GNOME. New and Small Community, was in need for QA Driver to help them for testing as they don't have one. What do you think has happened? someone with a massive experience with two years, 24/7, super active with Lubuntu who has just joined a new project which is trying to walk with the giants?

I took a break. I thought about it. I realized that Ubuntu GNOME is in bad need to someone like me. Someone who could make a huge difference, not just with QA but almost everything.

Indeed, within few months, a real revolution of change happened and Ubuntu GNOME became one of the most powerful and active communities among other flavors of Ubuntu.


I was surprised because Ubuntu GNOME Community is very different from Lubuntu. I had tough and hard time with Lubuntu but Ubuntu GNOME is very different. That made my life easier and in very short time, a lot had been achieved. Some of the members of Ubuntu GNOME can read my mind or really understand where I am coming from. I found so helpful and supportive people. We have done a lot and achieved a lot in very short time.

Today, this is what Ubuntu GNOME looks like:

And, that is nothing. You have my words, that is just the very beginning.

As a tribute to my first passion (GNOME DE), I had to do something and decided to join GNOME Foundation. Thanks a lot for the Committee, I got approved as an official member.

I am going to put each and every single cell in my body and each and every bit of my energy to make Ubuntu GNOME one of the best Linux Distribution in the whole world. If I couldn't, then that is not a failure. I just found 10,000 ways that didn't work. But, I am very sure 10,001 try will be successful, no doubt about that.

My full wiki page is:

I am the founder of another success story:

The FOSS World will no longer be the way it was before. I am looking for a bright future full of success and glory to FOSS. Are you with me? can we work all together to achieve all that?

I believe in:
"All of us are smarter than anyone of us."

And, with hope and faith, nothing can stop us :)

Forgive me for writing too much, I couldn't help it.


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