Re: ED search?

Without wanting to backseat drive, my experience is that (on net) having an ED helps with those time-consuming problems — a full-time staffer helps deal with them more quickly/consistently, and frees up the board to do other things. I hope we'll see progress on this in the new year. 

On Tue Dec 23 2014 at 8:34:51 AM Ekaterina Gerasimova <kittykat3756 gmail com> wrote:
On 22/12/2014, Luis Villa <luis tieguy org> wrote:
> Someone just pinged me to ask if I knew anyone who would be appropriate for
> KDE's ED position, and it made me realize that I'd heard nothing about
> GNOME's ED position for a while. What is the status of that search? Is it
> ongoing? Stalled? ...

It has not been on the agenda for a while now for a number of reasons,
the main one being that the board has had a few very time consuming
items to work through in the last half a year (such as Groupon, for

> Thanks-
> Luis

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