Re: Minutes of the Board meeting of March 25th, 2014

On Sat, Apr 26, 2014 at 9:15 AM, Sindhu S <sindhus live in> wrote:

The difference between your situation and Diego is that Diego isn't going
anywhere and is out of money.

I honestly *needed* 130 USD on the upcoming berlin hackfest but I was told
the sponsorship is to *help* and not to cover everything. I had to borrow it
from someone and now I in debt. Is my reason not good enough for a 130 USD

Sorry, I didn't know your situation.

 The second difference is that Diego only applied for the visa because I
asked him to come to the west coast hackfest.  So it wasn't even his idea or
his initiative but mine.  That's why it was looked at as a special case.

I did *not* apply to come to Docs Hackfest, Kat told me to. She was my
mentor then. I then applied for sponsorship after she instructed me to do
so. I was contributing to GNOME 2 months then, I had no idea about sponsored
events.  Why wasn't I special case?

I don't know.  I didn't know your situation, I only what progression
of events with mine.  I felt strongly about it and if board had not
approved the expenses I was willing to do it out of my own pocket. My
other argument for the board was Diego was a long time contributor who
had put a lot of time into GNOME sometimes at the expense of school,
also a former board member, and a number of other positions.

I think your situation is similar although for different reasons.  I
will ask the board on whether we can retroactively look at your visa
processing situation.  It depends on how many of those want it and
what money we have and so forth.

All I ask of the board is not to bend rules. Whatever revision on the
reimbursement policy, please bring it in force *first* and then entertain
cases that occur once the policy is in working, not before. It is unfair to
me and to everyone who lost money due to visa rejections.

You make a good point and in our next board meeting I'll bring this up.


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