Re: Minutes of the Board meeting of March 25th, 2014

On Sat, Apr 26, 2014 at 8:40 PM, Zeeshan Ali (Khattak) 
Aren't you presuming that it was only because of Diego's case that
board wants to rethink its policy and that your (and other people's)
case wasn't part of the push to make them rethink?

What I am assuming is that everybody in GNOME is equal. The board wants to rethink the policy, please do. Rethink it, bring it into force and then entertain cases that occur after it. Otherwise, it is bending rules to those who it favors.

If the policy changes on a future vote, it would be retroactive. The board must reimburse all those who lost money trying to obtain a visa for a event that GNOME agreed to sponsor travel for and that list so far as I know has: myself, Aruna, Shobha and now Deigo.

> If the board is going to make a policy change, then please bring it into
> working *first* and then entertain cases that occur after it not before.
> Otherwise it's just plain unfair.

Since visa process is not in the hands of the board, I think any help
that board offers is a big favour
so IMO what is unfair here is for
you to complain for not getting a favour while another person did.

Favoring is a unfair, period.
If not, why even have rules in place?
a bit sad to hear this from an ex-OPW participant as OPW is itself an
unfair[1] advantage and you were one of the people to get that. If it
makes you feel better, Diego will not get that favour.

[1] Don't get me wrong, being a big supporter of OPW, I understand the
rationale for being unfair and in fact thats my point.

I pointed out that I was an OPW intern to add to the fact that I was invited to a GNOME centric event. It doesn't make me happy if Deigo doesn't get the money, it makes me sad that this is unfair to everybody else.

I urge all those who are reading this discussion, please speak up for equality and fairness.

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