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Hi Alberto,

On 13 April 2014 16:31, Alberto Ruiz <aruiz gnome org> wrote:
So, the FAQ has a call for donations, however I can't find how to donate
anywhere, the closest thing I can find is making a PayPal donation to GIMP

There's a link from to and there's also I will add both
of these to the FAQ. Thanks for pointing out!

2014-04-13 15:40 GMT+02:00 Allan Day <allanpday gmail com>:

David King <amigadave amigadave com> wrote:
Don't we have reserves though? We should have 6 months of operating
expenses as reserves.

I should leave maybe this to Kat and other board members but I'm
recently enough gone that I can answer - the Foundation has adequate
reserves for GNOME's ordinary operations but not for OPW, and the
program has ramped up really quickly while the Foundation is still very

That is not correct according to:
That section states "The Foundation does not have any cash reserves

Blunt statements like this aren't very helpful, and they send a really
bad message. It's easy to read this line and think the worst.

Clearly we do have protected reserves - which we are preserving by the
freeze on sponsorship repayments. The extra reserves that we usually
have are expected to recover, and there is a plan in place to ensure
this happens. Can we try and clarify this on the wiki please?

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