Agenda for upcoming November 26th Board meeting

Hello foundation members!
Unfortunately the minutes for the last meeting haven't been published yet, and I usually wait for those to be published before I send out the upcoming agenda, but since I'll be traveling tomorrow, I thought it would be best to put them out there in good time before the meeting so everyone have at least a little bit of time to raise potential issues.

* Status and plan for the security and privacy campaign's money
* we raised a good deal of money from the Privacy campaign and we need a good plan for getting these to use * Implement a Foundation employee policy for COLA (Cost of Living Adjustment)
 * Still in progress and blocking on budget
* Reimbursements
* Some reimbursement for GIMP and GUADEC sponsored travel are late and we need to look into what happened.
 * See action items
* GUADEC sponsorship brochure.
* In preparation for next years conference, we need to be out in good time with the sponsorship brochure in order to make it easier for companies interested in sponsoring the event be able to plan their budget for 2014 properly. What is the status of this?
* Go through action items and their status.
* We have a number of ongoing action items for Foundation IRC meeting, photography policy etc. Check the status of those.
* Contract details for OPW
* GNOME Asia Summit update
* Quick update on Behnam Esfahbod (volunteering) and Andrea Veri's latest work for the foundation.
* Upcoming Advisory Board status

- Andreas

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