Re: Technical and legal aspects of pitivi's crowdfunding campaign.

Le lundi 16 décembre 2013, à 16:38 +0100, Mathieu Duponchelle a écrit :
One quick question:
On our side, there are two options we could go for, with
different charges and laws associated :

1) We can create a non-profit association.

2) We can create a regular Limited Liability Company (LLC),
 SARL in French.
Have there been any thoughts about a third option: actually having the
Foundation hire the people?

There are probably several downsides (in terms of costs; in terms of
legal paperwork, as I understand that this is about French people and
the Foundation is still kind of US-centric for that matter; in terms of
involvement from the Foundation; etc.). But on the other hand, it might
make sense to at least think whether it's a good idea for the Foundation
to employ developers.

I am not sure what you have in mind here, the solution we are proposing
should be pretty straight forward in term of paperwork for the Gnome

I'm not saying your proposed options are bad. I'm suggesting to step
back a bit and consider if it makes sense for the Foundation to hire
developers (in this case, the pitivi maintainers) in general, and
consider a longer term investment, instead of contracting external



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