Re: Technical and legal aspects of pitivi's crowdfunding campaign.


Le vendredi 13 décembre 2013, à 19:37 +0100, Mathieu Duponchelle a écrit :
Hi everyone !

Following a discussion with Karen Sandler and other members of the
gnome engagement team in the #engagement channel on gimpnet,
it was decided that a mail to that list would be necessary, to
expose the legal and technical aspects of the crowdfunding campaign
we are about to start around the pitivi video editor.

I might have missed some info about this campaign, but it's the first
time I hear about it: it would be good if you could summarize the goals
and so on :-) Anyhow, I wish you the best!

One quick question:

On our side, there are two options we could go for, with
different charges and laws associated :

1) We can create a non-profit association.

2) We can create a regular Limited Liability Company (LLC),
  SARL in French.

Have there been any thoughts about a third option: actually having the
Foundation hire the people?

There are probably several downsides (in terms of costs; in terms of
legal paperwork, as I understand that this is about French people and
the Foundation is still kind of US-centric for that matter; in terms of
involvement from the Foundation; etc.). But on the other hand, it might
make sense to at least think whether it's a good idea for the Foundation
to employ developers.



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