Re: GUADEC videos are available only with nonfree codecs

On 08/15/2013 12:02 PM, Christian Persch wrote:
Yesterday I discovered that the GUADEC videos on are available only in
proprietary formats, H.264 for the video and MP3 for the audio-only

Why aren't they available at least *also* in formats using Free codecs
(webm / theora / ogg) ? Preferably they should even be available *only*
using Free codecs!

The most important part of the above message is that GUADEC videos are actually available! I was really uncertain if this would happen or not, based on experience of so many previous GUADEC's where we did recordings but failed to publish them. I was really 50/50 on it and didn't want to make any promises to people who asked about it.

A big thank you for everyone who made this happen!
- Andreas

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