Agenda for the board meeting of November 20th, 2012

this is the public agenda for the board meeting of November 20th.

 * GNOME Accessibility FoG project update
  * The a11y team have a proposal (2 project areas) on how to spend
the funds and needs feedback on that.
 * Joining the W3C
  * Accessibility team have discussed the possibility of GNOME joining
the W3C in order to have a stake in the emerging standards.
 * Reports - annual report
  * Progress of the web version of the Annual Report.
 * Sysadmin position
  * We have funding allocated for a sysadmin that we didn't use on our
last sysadmin.
 * Marketing director position
  * On foundation-list, there have been suggestions about us hiring a
marketing director in order to coordinate our messaging.
 * webkitGTK+ hackfest
  * 4th annual WebKitGTK+ Hackfest. 17 participants for 4 days.
 * travel committee
 * GNOME supporter card
  * We should put together a GNOME supporter card for one of our donors.
 * Next adboard meeting
 * GUADEC 2013 and 2014 announcement/press release


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