Re: Questions for the board election candidates

On Thu, 2012-05-24 at 20:24 -0300, gnomeuser gmail com wrote:
> 2012/5/22 Richard Stallman <rms gnu org>:
> [...]
> > Thus, my question: how does each candidate propose to make use of
> > GNOME and its communication to build support in the user community for
> > free software and the freedom it provides?
> In short, I have no plans to use GNOME as a platform to spread support
> for Free Software.

It is clear you have no empathy with Free Software.  It is your opinion
and that is ok.

In practical matters, if you were elected as director: would you block
any activity that involves working with FSF? or would you be

Similarly, would you avoid sponsoring activities/people whose goal is to
spread GNOME and Free Software?

Germán Póo-Caamaño

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