Self Introduction

Hello fellow GNOMErs!

I just received the acceptance mail from the membership committee and
I must say I'm enthusiastic to be now a member of the Foundation. It's
great to be part of GNOME, and I consider membership like a badge
honor :).
Some of you already know me for my annoying comments in bugzilla, or
because they have to fix my bugs. In any case, I'm one of gnome-shell
and gjs developers, with a focus on extensions and system status
In Real Life, I'm a 20-year-old student of engineering at Politecnico
in Milan. I'm the standard nerd kind, I just love to hack and see
things that magically work.
I don't usually do IRC, because of timezone constraint and because I
often do multiple things at the same time, so I try to avoid
preemptive communication styles. You can contact me via mail though.

Again, I'm very happy to be part of this project, and I'll try to help
GNOME anyway I can (which includes mostly coding, but well).

Giovanni Campagna

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