Re: DOWNTIME: blogs, extensions, bugzilla

On Tue, 19 Jun 2012, Andrea Veri wrote:

> I'll shutdown the above services to prevent any data loss during the 
> migration, the maintenance will start in a few minutes as I luckily 
> found some free time this evening for the migration to take place.

The following Databases have been migrated successfully:

- blogs.g.o
- extensions.g.o

Unfortunately the bugzilla DB had a few issues during the migration and:

- it kept eating all the free RAM when using a mysqldump generated 
- it failed to import the .MYD, MYI files, Mysql was able to see the 
  relevant tables but selecting them didn't work as expected.

That said, the DB will remain on combobox until we find a working 
solution for that, maybe Olav will look deeper into when he'll have a 

Sorry for the disturbance and thanks for your patience,


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