Re: New Foundation Members

On Fri, Feb 17, 2012 at 11:11 PM, Andrea Veri <av gnome org> wrote:

this is the first time we actually receive so many membership's
applications in just two weeks and I'm glad to notice that
the GNOME Foundation is increasing its value.

But here we go with a list of the newly approved members:

 13. Joone Hur (WebKitGTK+ and WebKitClutter contributions, GNOME
   Promoter in South Korea)

Hello everyone,

I will also use this announcement to introduce myself. My name is Joone Hur and I'm from Incheon, Korea.

I’ve been contributing to WebKitGtk+ since 2010 and have worked for Collabora since 2011.
Currently, I am working on Webkit-Clutter and focusing on Accelerated Compositing.

The main reason why I decided to become a GNOME foundation member is to let GNOME folks know about the GNOME Korea community( The GNOME Korea community started to translate for GNOME in 1998, and is mainly working on Korean translation( Changwoo Ryu has led the Korean translation team since the early stages of GNOME. As a member of the GNOME Korea community, I organize a GNOME Tech Talks every month to introduce various GNOME technologies to Korean developers and am also in charge of maintaining the GNOME Korea blog (

I'm really grateful to become a new GNOME foundation member. In particular, I’d like to thank Xan and Gustavo(Kov) for helping me to become involved in WebKitGtk+ development. In the future, I will try to report on activities of the GNOME Korea community and my GNOME experiences through Planet GNOME.

Thank you for approving my membership.


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