New Foundation Members


this is the first time we actually receive so many membership's 
applications in just two weeks and I'm glad to notice that 
the GNOME Foundation is increasing its value.

But here we go with a list of the newly approved members:

1.  Olivier Sessink (Bluefish's author, huge Bugzilla's contributions)

2.  Antono Vasiljev (GObject Introspection, Bug triaging and fixing, 
    GNOME Esperanto Translator)

3.  Christian Hergert (contributions to Glib, GTK)

4.  Nick Richards (GTK+ and Empathy code contributions)

5.  Eduardo Lima Mitev (Instrospection related fixed to Grilo, glib)

6.  Guillaume Emont (Code contributions on Gstreamer and Grilo, bug 
    triaging and fixing, blog posts about GNOME technologies)

7.  Mikkel Kamstrup Erlandsen (Deskbar-applet and Zeitgeist 
    maintainer, code contributions on several GNOME Modules)

8.  Raluca Elena Podiuc (GsoC's student working on integrating Cheese 
    with Empathy)

9.  Srishti Sethi (GsoC's student workin on GCompris, represented 
    GNOME at FUDCon India 2011)

10. Daniel Espinosa Ortiz (Libgda's maintainer, GNOME-DB's 
    contributions, bug fixing and triaging)

11. Chandni Verma (GNOME's OPW internship working on Empathy, GNOME's 
    Asia organization and Marketing contributions)

12. Daniel Williams (NetworkManager & ModemManager maintainer, code 
    and bug triaging / fixing contributions over several GNOME Modules)

13. Joone Hur (WebKitGTK+ and WebKitClutter contributions, GNOME 
    Promoter in South Korea)

14. Tamara Atanasoska (Anjuta's contributions during GsoC, GNOME 
    Promoter in Macedonia)

15. Guido Günther (krb5-auth-dialog's developer, NetworkManager & 
    ModemManager code contributions)

16. Damien Lespiau (Clutter-GStreamer's Maintainer)

17. Philippe Normand (WebKitGTK, Gstreamer)

18. Yu Liansu (GNOME's OPW internship, GNOME Design)

19. Margaret M. Ford (GNOME's OPW internship, GNOME Design)

* Syntax is Name Surname (area of involvement)

For any further question you may have, feel free to mail us at
membership-committee@gnome org. (or me directly)

Andrea Veri,
on behalf of the GNOME Membership Committee

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