Re: New Foundation Members

En 07/02/12 15:01, Andrea Veri escribiu:
> Hi,
> The GNOME Foundation Membership Committee is proud to announce our
> newly approved Foundation Members. Please welcome and thank them
> for their great and valuable contributions over the GNOME Foundation.
> They are: *
> 1.  Sergio Villar Senín (WebKitGtk+, libsoup and Epiphany)

I'll use the announcement to introduce myself. My name is Sergio Villar
and I'm from Galicia, Spain.

I've been working with GNOME technologies since 2003 when I joined
Igalia and started to contribute to upstream projects soon (some small
patches to gedit, e-d-s...). I'm proud to have been part of the people
that advanced several GNOME technologies as part of the Maemo project. I
was heavily involved in the development of tinymail and Modest, the
email program shipped with Nokia's N770, N800 and N900.

Since 2010 I'm part of the Igalia's WebKit team. I'm focused in
everything related to network stuff, that's why I started to contribute
to libsoup also. I'd say that my main contribution to libsoup is the
HTTP on-disk cache. Right now I'm involved with some colleagues in the
development of the WK2 API for the WebKitGtk+ port, exciting times!.

Last but not least, I'm really grateful to have been accepted as member
of the foundation. I'd specially like to thank people that have been
working with me all those years, I learned a lot from all of you.


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