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On Sun, 2012-12-23 at 15:43 -0800, Sriram Ramkrishna wrote:
> Hi James!
> Welcome!  Glad you applied! That's really great that you're deploy
> GNOME to users, 
Thank you!

> it would be great to hear feedback from your users on what they think
> of GNOME and what gaps there might be.
I have a good amount of mental notes, but you're right that it would be
a good idea to write this down somewhere. I'll try to do this in the
> I actually thought about an a gnome-integration mailing list.  (I
> actually already created it) as a way for other sysadmins to discuss
> how best to integrate GNOME into a corporate or school environment.
> Knowing the issues and helping to resolve them would be a great
> community action I think.
This is a good idea! I hope to release a bunch of code in the coming
months. After this is out there, maybe I can take more time to look into

I've encountered a lot of broken/old GNOME deployments. I have a number
of puppet scripts and infrastructure (that I'm working on) that aim to
provide an easy/sane deployment process to help avoid bad installs. Many
users are still using ~2.18 era GNOME because of overly busy sysadmins.
I can help make this easier.

> sri

> On Sat, Dec 22, 2012 at 11:14 PM, James <purpleidea gmail com> wrote:
>         Dear foundation-list,
>         I would like to introduce myself, my name is James Shubin, and
>         I'm a
>         sysadmin/developer from Montreal, Canada, and a new GNOME
>         foundation
>         member. (Thanks membership committee!)
>         I've been a GNOME/Linux user since the early days, although I
>         wasn't
>         very proficient back then! I currently use GNOME, and support
>         and deploy
>         it for users. I work on Free Software tools to help sysadmins
>         do this,
>         and I write about it and other things on my technical blog:
>         I'm 'purpleidea' on irc, although often afk, so a ping there
>         or an email
>         here is best to be able to contact me. I'm happy to answer (in
>         particular) technical questions (my blog should help you to
>         know my
>         skillset) and I hope to improve GNOME and contribute a lot of
>         useful
>         tools for GNOME sysadmins/users.
>         On a personal note, I'm proud to now be a more official
>         contributor, and
>         I hope my work is useful to you. Let me know,
>         James
>         _______________________________________________
>         foundation-list mailing list
>         foundation-list gnome org

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