Introducing myself

Dear foundation-list,

I would like to introduce myself, my name is James Shubin, and I'm a
sysadmin/developer from Montreal, Canada, and a new GNOME foundation
member. (Thanks membership committee!)

I've been a GNOME/Linux user since the early days, although I wasn't
very proficient back then! I currently use GNOME, and support and deploy
it for users. I work on Free Software tools to help sysadmins do this,
and I write about it and other things on my technical blog:

I'm 'purpleidea' on irc, although often afk, so a ping there or an email
here is best to be able to contact me. I'm happy to answer (in
particular) technical questions (my blog should help you to know my
skillset) and I hope to improve GNOME and contribute a lot of useful
tools for GNOME sysadmins/users.

On a personal note, I'm proud to now be a more official contributor, and
I hope my work is useful to you. Let me know,


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