Re: Fwd: Reminder: FOSDEM CrossDesktop DevRoom 2013 - Call for Talks

Hey Brian,

2012/12/5 Brian Cameron <brian cameron oracle com>

That said, how do we really expect to make much progress when efforts
to meet in person are not matched with efforts to organize planning on
appropriate cross-desktop forums, like mailing lists on
In other words, I just expect more planning and discussion about events
like this at FreeDesktop directly.  It would be more likely that other
appropriate forums would not be overlooked if there were more central
discussion and planning.

In my opinion, our efforts to rejuvinate collaborate activitiy also
should focus on helping to revive and energize discussion on forums
like these.

The FOSDEM devroom has always been organized like that, ie with me taking care of the organization for GNOME, and doing it on GNOME mailing list. Over the years we evolved from a GNOME-only devroom to a joint devroom with KDE, to a devroom where we try to gather as many DEs as possible.
I'm not sure doing part of the devroom organization on a freedesktop mailing list would help a lot as we need to make sure the call for talks goes to the right communities rather than expecting people to watch freedesktop mailing lists.
What kind of planning would you have expected to see on freedesktop MLs? Would you have liked to be involved in the organization and feel you cannot do it the way it has been done?


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