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Welcome, Andika!  We are happy to have you!  Being able to have everyone in all corners of our world is able to use our software is important and so you're important! :)

On Sun, Dec 9, 2012 at 3:22 AM, Andika Triwidada <andika gmail com> wrote:
Fellow GNOME Foundation members, thank you for accepting me as a new member.
My name is Andika Triwidada. You can see most of my professional life in

Related to GNOME, I am translation coordinator into Indonesian since 2010,
and involved in Google CodeIn 2011 as a mentor. I hope I can be involved in 
more areas in the future.

Just a little more info about Indonesia. We have ~250 million people, only a little
percentage of them fluent in English. So to help them use computer more easily,
translation quality and coverage are important.

Andika Triwidada

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