Minutes for the Board Meeting of July 13, 2012

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= Minutes for Meeting of July 13, 2012 =

== Next Meeting ==

 July 24, 2012

== Attending ==

 * Bastien Nocera
 * Brian Cameron
 * Emmanuele Bassi
 * Germán Póo-Caamaño (late: 1 hour)
 * Karen Sandler
 * Rosanna Yuen
 * Ryan Lortie
 * Shaun !McCance
 * Stormy Peters
 * Seif Lotfy
 * Joanmarie Diggs

=== Regrets ===

=== Missing ===

== Board Meeting Agenda ==

 * GNOME.Asia
   * Report from Max on GNOME.Asia:
    * Coordinated with GUADEC for sponsorship.
    * Create the process for GNOME.Asia summit, not only check list,
the next organizer will know the order to organize the summit.
    * Beijing / Hong Kong / Taiwan get together, face to face to chat
and meeting.
    * Beijing would like to bid for GNOME.Asia 2013.
    * Get local sponsorship from Hong Kong.
    * Hong Kong team try to build GNOME Users Group with these days.
    * Create Speaker Information package.
    * Hong Kong Team and staff love GNOME.Asia.
    * What could be improved:
     * Start organizing more early -- suggest a board member work
together with GNOME.Asia for next year.
     * BoF not plan very well.  -- Need do more next year.
     * GNOME.Asia blog.
     * Get more people involved GNOME.Asia.
   * Brian has been the Board member involved in the organization
committee, but he is stepping down.
   * The board needs to identify a new person to work with the
GNOME.Asia organization.
     * '''ACTION''': Tobias - To step up to replace Brian as the
contact between the Board and GNOME.Asia.

 * Advisory Board
   * There has only been 1 Advisory Board meeting in 2012, and 3
meetings in 2011. Fewest number of meetings since 2005.
   * How to improve the Advisory Board?
     * Improve attendance from the Advisory Board members
     * Karen has been working on an Agenda for the Advisory Board
meeting at GUADEC
     * Karen has been discussing with the Advisory Board members about
topics to be added to the agenda
   * Last year the agenda was finalized the day before the Advisory
Board meeting.
   * Lots of complex, high level, controversial topics that everyone
cared about.
   * Should we open the Advisory Board meeting's floor with companies
that may be interested/provide value to the Advisory Board?
   * Advisory Board fees may be too high for smaller companies.
     * Should the fees be more flexible? Or staggered?
   * Ideas for the Advisory Board meeting should be sent to the mailing list.

 * Annual Report
   * We have well passed the Annual Report deadline.
   * At the last meeting it seemed everything was pretty much done.
   * Andreas is working with Karen in finalizing the layout
   * Should be done by the weekend.

 * Events
   * GUADEC 2010
     * Reinout van Schouwen contacted the board indicating that the
GUADEC 2010 (Den Haag) organizers were not fully compensated for
     * The Board at the time authorized an additional compensation on
top of the one that was negotiated.
     * Due to a misunderstanding, the additional compensation that the
Foundation paid was smaller than the one proposed.
     * The Board has been contacted by Reinout van Schouwen, but
hasn't heard from the GUADEC 2010 local organizers.
     * '''ACTION''': Bastien - To contact the GUADEC 2010 organizers
to get further clarification on the discrepancy between agreed and
effective compensation.
   * GUADEC 2013 bidding process.
     * Ask for a proposal of intent by GUADEC's time.
     * Extend the deadline for the actual bid presentation and decision.
     * Joanie will draft a follow-up message to the GNOME community.
       * new plan: 2013 bidders should submit an intent to bid.
     * '''ACTION''': Joanie - To submit the draft for the GUADEC 2013
bid announcement and plan to board-list.
   * GUADEC 2012
     * Board meeting on July 24th.
       * Need an agenda for the meeting.
       * Board members should start bringing up topics for the
meeting, either on board-list or on the wiki
     * Advisory Board meeting on July 25th.
     * Should we do something special for the i18n team at GUADEC?
       * Suggestions include a special recognition at the AGM or a
thank you dinner.
       * Joanie and Karen contacted the i18n community reps for a
ballpark attendance
       * Still waiting for confirmation
       * Given the unknown attendance two weeks before GUADEC, the
Board should probably provide a fixed sponsorship
       * '''ACTION''': Joanie - To contact Petr Kovar to come up with
a plan for i18n.

== Completed Actions ==

 * Bastien - To update call numbers for new locations.
 * Bastien - To contact the gUPnP maintainers about the project web domain.
 * Joanie - Will look for a lunch venue / source for the AB meeting
because we will not have time to scope out the location upon arrival.
 * Karen - To follow up with EFF to find contractor for updating and
improving CiviCRM set up.
 * Karen - To send KDE board the draft for the joint release announcement.
 * Karen - To follow up with EFF to find contractor for updating and
improving CiviCRM set up.
 * Karen - Will follow up with CiviCRM contract.
   * After some tracking down of the status of the communications,
cedwards sent email to get discussions with Claudian moving again.,
now following up with EFF to see if they can help.
 * Emmanuele - To gather names and information for a Wayland hackfest.
 * Emmanuele - Will set up a wiki page for the Wayland Hackfest.
 * Germán - Clarified the misunderstanding with the local GUADEC 2010
organization regarding to pay the actual worked hours by Koen & Sanne.
 Board must vote based in the information collected.
 * Germán - Informed Julita Inca the approval of expenses for the
GNOME 3.4 party in Peru.
 * Germán - Sent email to membership committee to raise the concern of
potential conflict of interests by one of its members running for the
board.  Andrea Veri took care of the remaining process.
 * German & Karen - Contacted Google to get extra funds for GSoC
students travelling from abroad to GUADEC.  Got US$3,500 divided among
7 interns.

== Status of action items ==

 * Bastien - To contact the BBC to discuss about possible
collaboration in working directly with GNOME.
 * Bastien - Reach out to the GNOME Advisory Board via email to see if
they can help out with providing contacts at Yahoo.
 * Brian - Develop trademark usage forms for common use cases. James
Vasile from legal is working with Brian on this.
   * This has been done.  Will close once the Foundation website is
updated, refer to bug #644932.
   * https://bugzilla.gnome.org/show_bug.cgi?id=644932
 * Brian - Check records of organizations with existing contracts to
use the GNOME trademark. Taken over from Vincent Untz. Look at the
archives in 2005 and try to determine which companies can use the
GNOME trademark. Know what kind of contracts we had with them.  Taken
over from Jorge.
 * Brian - Will take over organizing the GNOME Foundation IRC meetings.
 * Emmanuele - Will audit the current donors and check that everybody
received their benefits.
 * Germán - Will continue the discussion with Frédéric about the
Gitorious instance on gnome.org. Touched based with Frédéric on Sep
30, we will elaborate more on his proposal once he has more time.
 * Germán - Let GSoC admins know the results.
 * Joanie to put together a proposal and ask for sponsorship for a
dinner for the i18n team at GUADEC
 * Karen - Will follow up with !LojaGeek.
   * Emailed, so far no response, Isabel offered to help.
 * Karen - To look into Google Checkout as an annual payment option for FoG.
 * Karen - To finish the Privacy Policy, get review from James Vasile, etc.
 * Karen - To contact GIMP, GStreamer, and !PiTiVi to outline the
board's thoughts about earmarked fund raising.
 * Karen - Follow up with getting Alan Day and Sumana Harihareswara to
sign the Copyright Assessment from SFLC.  Transferred from Brian.
 * Karen - To continue working with Justin about renewing the old trademarks.
 * Karen - Will put together a proposal on how we should update the
bylaws to improve voting.
 * Karen - Will reach out to Mozilla to find advice about negotiating
 * Karen - To follow up with accountant about classifications.
 * Karen - To talk to a11y team for the end of the FoG campaign.
 * Karen - To finalize the design of the report with Andreas.
 * Karen - Will collaborate with Joanie on the proposal for the i18n
team at GUADEC.
 * Karen - To contact Colin to announce the Summit.
 * Karen - To continue following up with CiviCRM contractors.
 * Karen & Tobias - To draft a proposal for an update of the by-laws at the AGM.
 * Rosanna - Automate the process of entering !PayPal information into !GnuCash.
 * Rosanna - Will apply for the GNOME credit card.
 * Rosanna - To pay Baptiste Mille-Mathias for the stickers to bring
 * Shaun - Will post the January 18th, 2012 IRC meeting minutes.
 * Shaun - To contact Dave Neary and Ekaterina Gerasimova to get a
list of attendees to get feedback for the summit.
 * Shaun - To help out extracting the GNOME respondents of Describe
FoundationBoard/Minutes/20111115 here.the Desktop Summit survey.
 * Shaun - To contact the previous editors of the Annual Report to
gather a better picture of how to move forward.
 * Shaun - To coordinate with Germán to write a report for the
Financials section of the Annual Report.
 * Shaun - To start a discussion with Andrea about the Emeritus status.
 * Shaun - To finish the Financial section of the Annual Report before
the end of the week (week 20).
 * Shaun - To review the Desktop Summit draft before the end of the
week (week 20).
 * Shaun & Karen - Will work on submitting the financial report.
 * Shaun & Karen - To have a run-through over budget items.
 * Shaun & Karen - To review the Financial section of the Annual Report.
 * Stormy - Will send an email to GWOP interns to attend the Grace
Hopper Conference.
 * Stormy - Take care of !GnuCash automation.  Taken over from Paul & Behdad.
 * Stormy - to ask LWN if they can automate it with gnome.org addresses
 * Stormy - To send an email to the GNOME.asia list for plans for next year.
 * Stormy - To create a wiki page on the accounts holders.

=== New Action Items ===

 * Bastien - To contact the GUADEC 2010 organizers to get further
clarification on the discrepancy between agreed and effective
 * Joanie - To submit the draft for the GUADEC 2013 bid announcement
and plan to board-list.
 * Joanie - To contact Petr Kovar to come up with a plan for i18n.
 * Tobias - To step up to replace Brian as the contact between the
Board and GNOME.Asia.

== Discussed on the mailing list ==

 * Planning for upcoming advisory board meetings.
 * Events
   * Planning for !OpenHelp hackfest, including discussing funding travel.
   * Discussion about the 2013 GUADEC bidding process.
   * We had a GUADEC 2012 Keynote speaker cancellation and settled on
a replacement.
   * Announced the GUADEC 2013
   * GNOME !A11yCamp was announced
 * Discussion about how to improve the sysadmin team and make process
of CiviCRM.
 * Discussed the idea of doing videoconferencing at meetings.


W: http://www.emmanuelebassi.name
B: http://blogs.gnome.org/ebassi/

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