Call for GUADEC 2013 proposals

We announced this earlier this week on - I hope you consider
submitting a proposal!

Call for GUADEC 2013 Proposals

The GNOME Foundation invites proposals to host GUADEC 2013. GUADEC is the
biggest gathering of GNOME users and developers and includes a three-day
conference, the annual general meeting of the members of the GNOME
Foundation, and a week of coding, meeting, and discussion. Those who would
like to host the next GUADEC are hereby invited to write a formal proposal
to the board of the GNOME Foundation at board-list gnome org. Deadline for
the proposals is July 20, 2012 and bidders are invited to present in
person to the board of directors at this year's GUADEC on July 24 or on
another day during the conference.

Do you think your city would be a great place for GUADEC? Key criteria for
a large GNOME event like GUADEC are:

* Cost and ease of travel from major European cities and airline hubs
* Local GNOME community with strong leadership and support for hosting the
* Venue, cheap housing and nice hotels, and the distance between them
* The budget for infrastructure and facilities required to hold the
* The availability of restaurants or the organization of catering on-site,
cost of food and drinks
* Spaces for "hallway" tracks and social activities
* Local industry and government support

The conference will require availability of facilities for one week,
including a weekend, during summer. Dates should avoid other key free
software conferences. See the GUADEC check list and How To for an overview
of the kinds of things you should include in the proposal, and check out
the bids from previous GUADECs for more information.

Organizing a conference of this size is a lot of hard work, but there are
people in the community with experience who can help you. Feel free to
contact board-list gnome org for more information or guidance.

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