Re: On and gitorious

As a dev, I'd welcome such a change for the following reasons:
Github/gitorious streamline the collaboration with their
publicpersonal branches / merging workflow. Changes from others can
happenthere instead of a premature merge in master.Features branches
are easier to share for invasive changes thatrequires several eyes
Collaboration can start earlier.
The personal activity view is also nice to keep up with all themodules
the dev is involved in.
Also I feel that having the wiki close to the code helps with
findingreferences. Not sure lgo have to switch, though.
Finally, I presume gitorious provide a nice admin backend compared
tomanual git and user management.

Happy coding.
On Wed, Sep 14, 2011 at 4:15 PM, Frederic Peters <fpeters gnome org> wrote:
> Hello,
> GNOME migrated to Git two years ago but there are a few long standing
> issues that have not been addressed yet, it's certainly not too late
> but with the design team moving to github, it's certainly time to do
> something about it.
> had it written down already, "For
> the future, enable Gitorious or some other Git-based collaboration
> tool". Is this something we can handle by ourselves? Or should we,
> just like the bugzilla upgrade a few years ago seek the foundation
> help to hire someone? [this is why this is posted to foundation-list]
> With a gitorious instance set up, we'd achieve both a place for
> personal branches, stopping the "delete work-in-progress branch from
>, then create it again, pushing all commits because I
> rebased" dance, and a place where it's easier to set up accounts for
> newcomers (which is a reason why the design work doesn't happen on
> Cheers,
>        Fred
> [PS: working on git infrastructure would also be a good opportunity to
> fix]
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