A11y Team NOT attending Montreal Summit

Hi Board and Foundation.

As I'm sure you are aware, presently there are 0 confirmed, and a
much-smaller-than-usual list of tentative attendees for the upcoming
Summit. [1] Furthermore, after much deliberation along with
consultation with other teams with whom we would like to meet in
Montreal, the only thing anyone seems to know for certain is that no
one knows for certain who is going to Montreal.

Given that the majority of our team is in Europe, travel is expensive,
and the Summit nearly here, we felt that we needed to reach a
decision. The conclusions from today's team meeting:

1. We will NOT be attending the Montreal Summit.

2. If for some reason a representative from our team is deemed
necessary, I shall drive up from New Hampshire.

3. We should share our decision here because others have been asking
us for our plans.

Take care.
--joanie, on behalf of the A11y team

[1] https://live.gnome.org/Montreal2011/Participants

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