Re: Meeting Minutes Published - September 20, 2011


Great to see you on the list!

= Minutes for Meeting of September 20 =
  * Brian - Follow up with getting Alan Day and Sumana Harihareswara
to sign the Copyright Assessment from SFLC.

I can't seem to find any info about a SFLC 'Copyright Assessment'
anywhere; could you tell me what that is or where to find info about it?

This was for back in Feb / March / April when Sumana and Allan were
hired as consultants to help with marketing the GNOME 3.0 launch.  The
Copyright Assessment was for if they created any marketing materials
while as a consultant, GNOME would have the rights to those materials.

As far as the form itself, I'm not sure, though I remember getting
their signature for something - Rosanna would have a copy.

Yes, we did already complete the paperwork for their work contracts.

The GNOME Foundation legal advisers recommended they sign an additional
Copyright Assessment form, but never provided us with a copy of the
form for them to sign.  I just had a meeting with Karen today to get
this moving again.  We will likely ask Alan and Sumana to sign the form
when it is ready.

My understanding is that this form is just a simple agreement to confirm
that Alan and Sumana are agreeable to license the work they did for
The GNOME Foundation under standard and reasonable free licenses.  So,
I do not imagine that this will be anything troublesome.


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