Meeting Minutes Published - September 20, 2011

The meeting minutes for the September 20th GNOME Foundation board
meeting is now published. Refer here:

Other past board meetings are archived here:

-- text of the latest minutes follows --

= Minutes for Meeting of September 20 =

== Next Meeting ==

 October 4, 2011

== Attending ==

 * Bastien Nocera
 * Brian Cameron
 * Emmanuele Bassi
 * Germán Poo-Caamaño
 * Karen Sandler
 * Ryan Lortie
 * Rosanna Yuen
 * Shaun !McCance
 * Stormy Peters

== Regrets ==

== Missing ==

==  Board Meeting Agenda ==

 * Did someone check the many vbuzzer voice messages we got over the past weeks?
   * Got a phone call from the bank that a fraudulent check was received.
   * Nothing more to be done at this point, the bank process is working.
   * The bank account is public for donation purposes, which defeats the point of changing it.
   * Website has been updated to warn people that the Foundation does not send cheques.
   * '''ACTION''': Karen will contact the bank again to discuss the fraudulent cheques.

 * Karen asked for help for the 3.2 press release.
   * Needs contact people for quotes for the 3.2 release.
   * Jon !McCann suggested Matthias Clasen and Owen Taylor.
   * Quotes from non-GNOME team members would be appreciated.
   * Other suggestions: Allan Day, Rick Spencer.
   * '''ACTION''': Ryan will contact Canonical for a quote for the release notes.

 * Need to respond to Piñeiro's a11y Performance Project.
   * Need to verify that the proposal is solid and that it can be verified.
   * A more formal proposal
   * '''ACTION''': Brian will respond to Alejandro Piñeiro on the A11Y performance project.
 * Status of the minutes?
   * Meeting minutes for August two meetings have been published on the wiki.
   * Meeting minutes for the previous September meeting have been published on the private wiki for review
   * Emmanuele will send the email with the minutes to foundation-list.
   * '''ACTION''': All board members - review the unpublished minutes.

 * Upcoming events:
   * Montreal Summit
     * Looks like about 22 people will attend.
     * Things progressing nicely.
     * Collabora is providing $1,000 to sponsor a party.
     * Venue will be $600.  
     * Catering costs (coffee, etc.).  Approved < $1000.

   * GUADEC 2012
     * Was the announcement for GUADEC 2012 on foundation-list, foundation-announce, blog and press release done?
       * Waiting on the dates.
         * GUADEC 2010 dates were announced at the end of November.
       * '''ACTION''': Karen will contact guadec-list to find out the information we need to do the announcements for GUADEC 2012.
       * This was announced on and twitter, but not on mailing list, neither in foundation's blog.

 * What to do about the Friends of GNOME campaign.
   * Emmanuele is doing manual edits as needed for the FoG website.
   * '''ACTION''': Karen will lead a discussion about what to do about the next FoG campaign.
   * Gitorious instance on can be another campaign target. 
   * '''ACTION''': Germán will continue the discussion with Frederic about the Gitorious instance on

 * Was the !MeeGo Handset Bid invoice paid? (Rosanna)
   * Yes, it has been paid.
 * Discussion should be started on board-list and foundation-list about the Annual Report.
   * '''ACTION''': Brian to send an email to the foundation-list to get the discussion of the Annual Report going.

 * Review of action items, many old/obsolete items were closed.

 * Advisory board and foundations meeting schedule
   * '''ACTION''': Karen will send an email to the advisory board to schedule the next meeting.

== Completed Actions ==

 * Andreas - To verify meeting times for the Desktop Summit.  That August 9th is a good date for the board and AGM meetings and August 10th for the Advisory Board meeting.  Will confirm on board list, then the advisory board list.
 * Bastien - To talk to Olav Vitters about using bugzilla to track Friends of GNOME post card sending.
 * Germán - To send link to previous year's GUADEC's budgets to guadec-list.  This has been public in
 * Emily - Get the 2011 Q2 report started.
 * Emmanuele - Will take over Friends of GNOME tasks.
 * Germán - Will touch base with the GObject-Introspection Hackfest and make sure that people attending also attend the Desktop Summit if possible.
 * Germán - Will finish the Financial section of the quarterly report.
 * All board members - Review the received bids for GUADEC 2012.
 * Karen - Will email Marina to let her know that the board has approved funds for the next year of the Women's Outreach fund, ccing Board.
   * emailed on 7/13
 * Karen - Will follow up with Stefano to discuss use of combined Debian/GNOME mark and caution stopping further use until agreement is settled on.
   * emailed and talked on phone
 * Karen - Will update the contact information in the webpage to add information with respect to fraudulent checks.
   * contacts page edited.

== Closed Action ==

 * Andreas - Will look into the possibility of a Desktop Summit design where the facade is more neutral.
 * Andreas - Will blog a Desktop Summit status report.
 * Andreas - Will discuss with Ryan Lortie providing support contracts for GTK+.
 * Bastien - To discuss the use of badges (a-la Creative Commons, page colors, or PSN badges).
 * Bastien - To get _a_ WebOS/Palm contact from Lennart Poettering.
 * Bastien - Will reach out to Dave Richards from the City of Largo to plan for a hackfest there.
 * Bastien - To put together a proposal for how technical issues could be mediated within the community.
 * Bastien(?) - Make sure addresses expire when membership expires.
 * Germán - To track if the new method of boletos generates more or less money from Brazil - There was a lot of hassle (beurocracy, legal issues) that made the proposal less appealing.
 * Germán - To discuss with GNOME Hispano about them handling GNOME Foundation money in Euros (€).
 * Germán - Will assist with the GNOME 3 as a Foundation goal task and to help in getting the GNOME 3 as a Foundation Goal survey topics together. (Handing over to someone else).
 * Ryan and Emmanuele - will talk to the other members of the GTK team about the co-location.
 * Karen - Will contact people to try and push forward the organization of Boston Summit.
   * Emailed boston-social, talked to Walter Bender, emailed Jonathan Blandford.
 * Karen - Will follow up with Debian about their usage of the GNOME logo.
   * Emailed with Stefano Zacchiroli, left it that GNOME needs to decide whether it wants to permit this new combined logo use.
 * Og - Update the blog and planet to highlight that people are expected to sign and follow the GNOME Code of Conduct.
   * As per Paul's recommendation, I have emailed Vincent to ask him what his idea is for doing this.
   * Still have not heard back from Vincent Untz.
 * Paul - To review Justin's email about updating trademark agreements and email the marketing team for feedback.
 * Unowned - To find a way to automate the process of exporting results from internal review process and email it to the board. 
 * Unowned - To start work on next 2011 Annual Report ASAP (due start FY2012).  Taken over from Paul.

== Status of action items ==

 * Bastien - To contact the BBC to discuss about possible collaboration in working directly with GNOME.
 * Bastien - Reach out to the GNOME Advisory Board via email to see if they can help out with providing contacts at Yahoo.
 * Brian - Develop trademark usage forms for common use cases. James Vasile from legal is working with Brian on this.
 * Brian - Check records of organizations with existing contracts to use the GNOME trademark. Taken over from Vincent Untz. Look at the archives in 2005 and try to determine which companies can use the GNOME trademark. Know what kind of contracts we had with them.  Taken over from Jorge.
 * Brian - Will touch base with the GIMP organizers to find out their plans for the GIMP money.
 * Brian - To coordinate a fund raising meeting with the GStreamer, a11y, GIMP, and Banshee teams.  Will draft an agenda.
 * Brian - Follow up with getting Alan Day and Sumana Harihareswara to sign the Copyright Assessment from SFLC.
 * Brian - Will ask Rosanna for more details regarding GSoC payments. 
 * Emmanuele - Will send an email to board-list to start the discussion on PGO policy and editorial control.
 * Emmanuele - Will talk to Alberto Ruiz about the board's position on PGO policy changes.
 * Germán - Will talk to membership committee to see if we can do something to help remind people to renew memberships to avoid people losing the ability to vote.
 * Germán and Ryan - Will relay the board's recommendations to the membership committee about renewal and expiration of membership.
 * Karen - Will take over discussions to take over ownership of some GNOME related domains.
 * Karen - Will follow up with CiviCRM contract.
     * After some tracking down of the status of the communications, cedwards sent email to get discussions with Claudian moving again.
 * Karen - Will follow up with !LojaGeek.
 * Karen - Will follow up with the lawyers to discuss what would be involved to provide liability protection like what the Conservancy provides and to see if they have any perspective about whether the GNOME Foundation should allow GNOME projects to join Conservancy.
 * Karen - To look into Google Checkout as an annual payment option for FoG.
 * Karen - Will work with Gil Forcada from and gnome-marketing to define the best way for organizations like to participate in the GNOME community. Not many replies from the community. Diego Urrelo will draft something more concrete for gnome-marketing to determine the best name and process for managing this. There was a discussion on the mailing list and a few good ideas, Diego will wrap them up and send them again for further comments.  Will follow-up with Board to read the Advisory Board fees for small businesses proposal, ask for feedback and set a date to vote by.
 * Karen - To finish the Privacy Policy, get review from James Vasile, etc.
 * Karen - Will follow up with John and get more information about GNU Mobile.
 * Rosanna - Automate the process of entering !PayPal information into !GnuCash.
 * Rosanna - Will apply for the GNOME credit card.
 * Ryan - To look into running a survey for foundation members about the Desktop Summit. 
 * Shaun - Will lead the GNOME Foundation IRC meetings.
 * Shaun - To contact Dave Neary and Ekaterina Gerasimova to get a list of attendees to get feedback for the summit. 
 * Stormy - Take care of !GnuCash automation.  Taken over from Paul & Behdad.
 * Stormy - to ask LWN if they can automate it with addresses
 * All board members - To review and comment Brian's April 14th proposal regarding better organizing earmarked fundraising.

=== New Action Items ===

 * Brian - To send an email to the foundation-list to get the discussion of the Annual Report going.
 * Brian - Will respond to Alejandro Piñeiro on the A11Y performance project.
 * Germán - Will continue the discussion with Frederic about the Gitorious instance on
 * Karen - Will contact the bank again to discuss the fraudulent cheques.
 * Karen - Will contact guadec-list to find out the information we need to do the announcements for GUADEC 2012.
 * Karen - Will lead a discussion about what to do about the next FoG campaign.
 * Karen - Will send an email to the advisory board to schedule the next meeting.
 * Ryan - Will contact Canonical for a quote for the release notes.
 * All board members - Review the unpublished minutes.

== Discussed on the mailing list ==

 * New Foundation Members

 * Events
   * Montreal Summit.
     * The board approved the travel costs for the 3 applications for the Montreal Summit that the Travel Committee received.  The attendants are Frédéric Peters, Nohemi Fernández, and Margaret Ford.  The sponsorship cost: $2,215.
     * The a11y team sent a notice saying that they will not be attending the Montreal Summit.
     * José Aliste asked for a invitation letter to the Montreal Summit.  José Aliste was asked to provide a letter for signing that includes: complete name, date of birth, person's address and telephone number, how long the person intends to stay in Canada, details on accommodation and living expenses, and the date the person intends to leave Canada.

   * Jiri Eischmann offered organize a GNOME hackfest on a current topic at Developer Conference 2012 that will take place in Brno on Feb 17-18.

   * Desktop Summit
     * The board approved paying €2,379.86 for video equipment.  This was a bit higher than the estimate, which was €2,200.00) and to cover the travel & accommodation costs for Kenny Duffus: €1,066.69.
   * Accessibility of the Libre! Workstation" Event
     * J. Félix Ontañón requested a letter of support for this event that he is organizing.  The letter was provided.

   * Emily highlighted that she is stepping down from GUADEC organization.  New organizers are:
     * Bob Murphy - Will continue building the GUADEC committee, lead and coordinate GUADEC committee.
     * Chema Casanova - Lead of the local A Coruña team, mainly focus on the GUADEC 2012 local organization.

 * Planning for upcoming Advisory Board meetings.
 * Piñeiro sent a proposal for an a11y performance project.
 * Discussion about renewing the GNOME.TW domain.  Jeff Schroeder renewed it.


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