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I totally agree with you Alan as we discussed in IRC a few days ago. 
The Foundation and the GNOME project itself should use one main stream of 
News located on the homepage of 

As you can see at [1], the Foundation's blog has been a bit inactive 
since several months now (my post there is recent but the previous 
is dated July 12th), mainly because having several news feeds means 
having multiple writers and editors and that requires time and 
organization we would love seeing focused somewhere else.

So, ack from me for one main and well-maintained GNOME feed for both 
the Foundation and the GNOME Project itself.


On Wed, 30 Nov 2011, Allan Day wrote:

> Hi all,
> For a long time we have had a news feed for and a separate
> Foundation blog. I'm proposing that we combine them both into the
> feed.
> A bit of background. First, I think we should be moving in a direction
> where the Foundation isn't considered to be a separate entity from the
> GNOME project. The Foundation is a vital part of our project, there
> shouldn't be much of a difference between 'The GNOME Project' and 'The
> GNOME Foundation' in terms of membership and identity. Second, GNOME's
> news feeds are currently in a rather poor state. They are highly
> fragmented and are often dead or on life support.
> The news feed and the Foundation blog are almost identical
> in scope. The feed provides 'official', generally
> non-technical, news about what is happening in the GNOME project. The
> Foundation blog is exactly the same, except that it is restricted to
> the Foundation. There is a large class of subjects that I would like
> to see on both streams, including board elections, fund raising
> campaigns, new members, release announcements and initiatives such as
> the GNOME Outreach Program for Women. Both the news stream
> and the Foundation blog would benefit from having a higher frequency
> of posts.
> It might be hard to lose the Foundation blog, but I think we'd be
> stronger if we united our feeds.
> Thoughts? Opinions?
> Allan
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