Re: Question for candidates

On Mon, May 30, 2011 at 6:09 PM, Richard Stallman <rms gnu org> wrote:
>    On the practical terms, as others stated, we should make sure that
>    GNOME is great software and has cool features that make people /want/
>    to use it.
> It's fine to do that, as much as we can.  But if we only do that, we
> are competing with Apple on its home territory.  We have no inherent
> advantage in this; Apple is has contempt for its users, but we can
> hardly claim its developers lack ability.
> The one area where we have an inherent advantage is in treating the
> users ethically.  Neither Apple nor Microsoft will ever match us in
> this.  Shall we not make plans to utilize this advantage and increase
> it?

Yes, agree, it's a factor we should highlight.

Still, I keep my point of view that users are mainly attracted by a
great experience. In that sense, what I'm proposing is to use this
awesome experience we are building as the main marketing asset to sell
to people our goals of software freedom and how it is positive to them
and developers in so many ways.

I'm sure we have the same goal (promote free software, its ideas and
products), it's just that we are trying to engage users with a
different "hook".

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