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On 05/26/2011 02:10 AM, Andy Tai wrote:
As Fedora is the only current GNU/Linux distribution adapting GNOME 3.0 as the default desktop, how would you facilitate to make GNOME technologies to work well (meaning minimal local patching needed) on other GNU/Linux distributions like Debian, and such distributions which may work on components competing with certain parts of GNOME, such as Ubuntu?  And how would you facilitate to make GNOME 3 run well on other free OS environments, especially the BSD based ones, like OpenBSD and FreeBSD?

And how would you facilitate collaborations with Ubuntu, especially, despite the different viewpoints of developers on issues like GNOME Shell vs. Unity?

Actually OpenSUSE has also released a version of their OS with GNOME 3.0 as default and Debian is actively working on supporting GNOME 3.0 as well.

I also feel that most distributions nowadays are multi-desktop (Fedora, OpenSUSE, Debian, Mandriva, Magea, etc) and not GNOME, KDE or <replace-your-preferred-desktop-here>. Only the smaller ones, or specific companies chose otherwise. Apparently I have a different perception of what the GNOME environment is, but I am not a technical person.

Now facilitating technological decisions means that we help with what the community has decided (as I mentioned it in my previous answers). At this stage no decision has been taken yet and whenever we (the community) decides to go either way, the way the foundation facilitates those is by supporting hackfest, conferences, GNOME Users Days, release parties or whatever activity can help promoting and improving a specific part of GNOME.

Should the foundation be able to raise more funds (and this is one of the purpose of the foundation, a lot more than making technical choices) we could decide to recruit a developer to help with a specific project.

However which project would be decided to support is really up to a consensus and the various priorities we may have. Maybe long term support could provide more value than supporting other kernels. And this is just an example.

I hope I have answered your question.

Thank you.


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