Re: [question to candidates] GNOME OS

    I really think the GNOME OS idea is a very good one, that is, making
    GNOME provide access to configuration and features of the underlying OS,
    so that it is a complete desktop that can deal with everything the users
    would ever need from a desktop.

The idea is fine, but calling it "GNOME OS" is confusing since GNOME
was designed to be part of the GNU operating system.  Someone else
suggested "GNOME Desktop System" -- that avoids the confusion.

    But at the same time we have people from OSes other than Linux
    interested in using GNOME,

Linux isn't an operating system, it's a kernel.  I think you're
talking about the GNU system but calling it "Linux".

That's a big misunderstanding.  GNOME has no special relationship
with Linux but does have one with the GNU system (see

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