Re: Candidacy: Lionel Dricot

Le dimanche 22 mai 2011 à 23:44 -0400, Richard Stallman a écrit :
> At Lanedo, we have been surprised a few times by people who were
>     thinking that there was no commercial support available for GTK+.
> It would make good sense for GNOME to have a list of commercial
> service providers.  It should have stated rules of good conduct
> and list anyone who agrees to the rules.

That's indeed something I have in mind. The difficulty is to find the
balance between information and advertising but we will definitely work
on it :-)

> The FSF's service list rules say that the service provider must not
> make an unsollicted offer, to people contacting it through the list,
> of service on any proprietary software.

That would anyway be a bit silly. If someone want support for Firefox
and he receives offer about Opera, he would not be interested anyway.

But it might make sense to state that rule explicitly.

I will have a look to see how things are handled on the FSF side, thanks
for the idea.


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