Membership Committee Meeting Minutes


the GNOME Membership Committee had a meeting on 04/05/2011,
all the details will follow:


• Andrea Veri
• Bruno Boaventura
• Pedro Villavicencio
• Tobias Mueller


• Christer Edwards

Agenda for the meeting and items discussed:

• preparing elections
• discussions about the current status of the committee to track down problems and issues I've been reporting since some time to specific members of the Committee.


• Elections schedule has been decided and mailed to foundation-list/announce already. Mail available at [1]
• has been updated with the upcoming elections material. Everything can be found at [2]  (it still needs to be updated with all the relevant bits as soon as the candidacies timeline will end)
• new policies and procedures have been explained again to the whole Committee to avoid future problems and issues while processing new applicants.

Logs available at [3].

Some past items were discussed into our mailing list:


• changing the requirements for approving a request. (e.g two MC members ACKs for a request to be approved and not just one like now. I would like to be sure most of us are okay when a new GNOME contributor is going to join the Foundation.
• application's page [4], are we ok with that? I guess no, the application form should be updated and renewed like we agreed at our latest meeting.
• setting up a private membership committee mailing list. (for future updates, doubts about applications, meetings organization and everything else that should be kept private)


• two Membership Committee members acks are needed for an application to be accepted.
• membership-committee-private mailing list is up and running.
• The application.php page has been updated and renewed (it now asks less but more specific questions to grab all the details we really need to process an application succesfully)
• quite all the Wiki pages under the MembershipCommittee area renewed and updated. Now everything should be ordered in a correct and good way. (easy to read, browse, search through)

on behalf of the GNOME Membership and Elections Committee


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