GNOME booth at LinuxTag 2011 - openSuSE DVDs

Hey folks :-)

On 07.04.2011 12:50, Tobias Mueller wrote:
> On 11.02.2011 16:35, Tobias Mueller wrote:
>> > I wanted to know whether anybody actually has taken any actions to get a
>> > booth at LinuxTag.
>> >
>> > If not, I'm going to do that.
>> >
> So I did.
LinuxTag just finished and I wanted to follow up quickly. We had a great
booth, thanks to Canonical for the EventsBox 2.0, which we internally
bumped to 3.0 because we used it very successfully to show off the new
GNOME 3 bling.

Also many thanks to openSuSE for their Live DVDs. They were highly
appreciated and we could use them very efficiently to attract people and
start conversations.
If you happen to want a box of DVDs, contact me or Vincent. We'll
somehow arrange shipping.

I also want to thank all the helping people that built the booth, ran it
or tear it down.


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