Call for volunteers on GUADEC

Hi all,

The GNOME Foundation has recently sent out a call for bids for hosting GUADEC 2012 [1]. We are also calling for volunteers to help with organizing GUADEC.  You can help regardless of where you might be located.

We would like to setup both a GUADEC event committee and also a local team of volunteers on the ground at the event location. It would be very much appreciated if people with experience hosting past GUADEC events could get involved and help make this event a success.

Even if the local team changes every GUADEC, there would be value having a core and stable event committee to ensure good planning going forward for GUADEC 2012 and future GUADEC events.
The GUADEC committee can help things on:

If you would like to help volunteer and organize GUADEC by being a part of a GNOME event committee, then please step us and let us know. We are open to any suggestions and discussion. We enourage you to use GUADEC-list [2] mail list and #guadec IRC channel at for more discussion.



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