Re: Announcing our brand new Foundation Members

Hello everyone,

Andrea Veri <av <at>> writes:
> Hello folks!!
> Here we come with a nice list of the newly approved Foundation
> Members!! Please welcome them into the greatest Foundation ever!
> They are: *
> 3. Nirbheek Chauhan (Beagle, Gentoo GNOME Packaging and bug triaging, talks at / FOSSKriti)

This is me! Thanks for the welcome Andrea :)

I'm currently in my final year of B.Tech in Civil Engineering, and in my third
year of Gentoo + GNOME lovin'. My first experience of Linux/GNOME was via the
Green Chameleon, but it was Hoary Hedgehog that first got me using GNOME

However, soon afterwards, I was inducted into the conspiracy of Larry the Cow[1]
by fellow GNOME-er Arun Raghavan. :P

In the summer of 2008, I did a GSoC project as a student under Gentoo, got
recruited as a Gentoo developer, and have been getting conned into being a GSoC
mentor every year since.  I now co-maintain GNOME, Mozilla, and Telepathy
packages in Gentoo[2].

In more recent times, I've been following GNOME 3's progress closely[3], and
have been helping in whatever way I can. I am proud to admit that using the
Shell has changed window management forever for me. I'm constantly reminded of
how much more efficient the Shell is when I'm forced to use one of the older

However, GNOME 3 has a long road ahead of itself, and I look forward to being a
part of 3.2, 3.4 and beyond :D


Nirbheek Chauhan
IRC: nirbheek


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