Re: Stock trademark licensing agreements?

Le mercredi 16 mars 2011, à 16:06 +0100, Dave Neary a écrit :

> This was the idea behind the GNOME user group agreement. Has anyone else
> done anything similar? Did it help the community feel more control over
> the project brand?

openSUSE has trademark guidelines:

The guidelines explicitly authorizes some common uses for the openSUSE
trademark, with no form to fill.

They're being improved right now, and the latest draft can be seen at:

I do believe it did help the community feel more control, yes.

Of course, that's a bit different than in the GNOME case: the general
feeling before those guidelines was that the trademark was completely
controlled by Novell (who owned it) -- and we can't simply compare a
company with lawyers, like Novell, to the GNOME Foundation. But it did
help :-)



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