Stock trademark licensing agreements?

Hi all,

In one project I work with I have been trying to convince the project,
which has a very traditional "all rights reserved" trademark policy,
that it is worthwhile lowering the bar for certain classes of community
activities. My arguments that we should have a broader "fair use"
statement has apparently not gained traction - my next idea is to have a
small number of pre-cooked trademark licenses for common activities
(like: "I want to run a local event", "I want to run a fan website", "I
want to get some merchandise printed") and have these on the website so
that all concerned are aware up front what the expectations are when you
do these things, and to give very simple click-through agreements to
lower the overhead of dealing with things like these.

A community website, for example, might have a guideline that there be a
clear disclaimer that the site is not official, and that content on the
site does not adversely affect the reputation of the project. A
community event license might have guidelines for event naming, visual
identity, etc.

This was the idea behind the GNOME user group agreement. Has anyone else
done anything similar? Did it help the community feel more control over
the project brand?


Dave Neary
GNOME Foundation member
dneary gnome org

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