Re: sponsoring a GNOME developer training session at Fedora Action Day Ghana

On Thu, Jan 27, 2011 at 1:03 PM, Dave Neary <dneary gnome org> wrote:
> Hi Ben,
> Your reply today popped this back to the top of my TODO list - I've been
> meaning to reply since you sent this.
> Ben Konrath wrote:
>> Here are suggestions for
>> sessions I would like to see but it really depends on the
>> person/people going:
>> * tour of GNOME 3
>> * hands on session working through the GNOME development work flow
>> (bugzilla, git, fixing real a bug or two, etc)
>> * hands on developer training - work through adding a small feature to
>> a GNOME module
> I have some training materials for some of these. Specifically, I ran a
> session at the MeeGo conference in November where we took people through
> getting code out of git, making changes, commits, pushes and merges,
> fixing bugs using gdb, and identifying and fixing a profiling issue with
> valgrind. The material is all in github & is reusable:

Awesome! Thanks for passing on the link - this will definitely be
useful for whoever goes to Ghana.

> I also have the training material I used from the GNOME developer
> training at GUADEC last year, which included an overview of the GNOME
> platform from Fernando Herrera and a review of developer tools from Xan
> Lopez and Claudio Saavedra. I need to get them online somewhere still...

Could pass along the links when it's online? This would be useful as well.

Thanks, Ben

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