Re: sponsoring a GNOME developer training session at Fedora Action Day Ghana

Hi Ben,

Your reply today popped this back to the top of my TODO list - I've been
meaning to reply since you sent this.

Ben Konrath wrote:
> Here are suggestions for
> sessions I would like to see but it really depends on the
> person/people going:
> * tour of GNOME 3
> * hands on session working through the GNOME development work flow
> (bugzilla, git, fixing real a bug or two, etc)
> * hands on developer training - work through adding a small feature to
> a GNOME module

I have some training materials for some of these. Specifically, I ran a
session at the MeeGo conference in November where we took people through
getting code out of git, making changes, commits, pushes and merges,
fixing bugs using gdb, and identifying and fixing a profiling issue with
valgrind. The material is all in github & is reusable:

I also have the training material I used from the GNOME developer
training at GUADEC last year, which included an overview of the GNOME
platform from Fernando Herrera and a review of developer tools from Xan
Lopez and Claudio Saavedra. I need to get them online somewhere still...

> One of the challenges I see with this proposal is that Ghana is a long
> way to travel in terms of time and money for only a one day event. One
> of my personal goals for my outreach activities is to make this kind
> of situation disappear by having GNOMErs in Sub-Saharan Africa. But
> since we're not there yet, we're left with this situation.

I agree that's a great goal.


Dave Neary
GNOME Foundation member
dneary gnome org

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