Re: sponsoring a GNOME developer training session at Fedora Action Day Ghana

On Thu, Jan 27, 2011 at 08:28, Ben Konrath <ben bagu org> wrote:
>> Are there other conferences in Africa that you think we should be
>> planning to send people?
> Yes. I think somebody should go down to Idlelo again this year. We
> should try to encourage a more serious technical track from the
> conference organizers and try to get other F/OSS communities there.
> The website doesn't seem to be updated for this year's conference yet:
> There's also eLearning Africa which might be a good conference to have
> some Sugar developers attend:

By all means, keep OLPC and Sugar Labs on the loop on these activities
because the skills are totally transferable between both GNOME and
Sugar and they are very interested in sub-saharian Africa to produce
the software they run.

I can put you in contact if the regular mechanisms don't work out for
some reason (email offlist).

OLPC has personnel in Ghana but I don't know if they are already
involved in software development.



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