Re: GNOME Foundation Membership - Accepted

Hi all,

On Thu, 2011-01-13 at 14:53 +0000, GNOME Foundation Membership Committee
> [...]
> It's not mandatory but usually a nice thing to do if you could send an
> introduction to the foundation-list mailing list to introduce yourself
> and your work to the other Foundation members and GNOME contributors. 
> They will be more than happy to know yet another GNOME lover.

So here it's a introduction to myself (mostly inspired in the
application form, though):

I've started using GNOME several years ago, but I must admit I started
using it on a regular basis back in 2004, when it became my default
desktop. Then I joined Igalia in 2006 and have been working using GNOME
technologies since then, even if the tasks I worked on back then were
not directly related to the GNOME project itself.

Back in April-May 2010, I joined the Igalia WebKit team to work on
improving the accessibility support in WebKitGTK+, so WebKit based apps
were able to integrate better with the ORCA screen reader and, even
though there's still a long way to go, I feel proud to see that it seems
the original situation actually improved after these months of work.

Besides that, I also can mention that I've contributed with a couple of
patches for libsoup and the epiphany browser, mostly because of the work
done in WebKitGTK+. Nothing big to be honest, mostly small patches, but
nice to mention anyway, I guess.

Last, even though probably some of you already noticed it because of
some posts in planet GNOME, I started to work some time ago, in my spare
time and just for fun, on a small GNOME to interact with the Flickr
service that I recently moved into the GNOME infrastructure (thanks,
Chris Edwards!), which also motivated me for making the decision of
asking for becoming part of the foundation, once and for all.

And what else could I say... just that I'm very grateful to have been
accepted. Some of you already know me, so "hi again"; some of you don't,
so "nice to meet you".


PS: See you in FOSDEM!

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