Some news from the GNOME Foundation Membership Committee


It's been a lot since my last mail to foundation-list about the GNOME
Membership Committee status
and therefore it's now time to share with all the GNOME community the
latest changes and news from our
(hopefully) beloved committee.

Down here I'll try to briefly summarize in a few points the most
important news and changes from our team:

- Susana Pereira left the committee, I would like to thank her for all
the work she's been doing for the
committee over this year.

- Christer Edwards, our paid sysadmin team leader joined the
committee. His enthusiasm and willingness
to help out will speed up our duties. Welcome into the team, Christer!

- Finally the outdated application.php [1] received an update that
should go live really soon! (preview
at [2]). We tried to make the application form more simple and
readable will less fields and more instructions
about the process in general. Any feedback from the community is
welcome to improve it time by time!

- Requisites to join the foundation have changed: now *at least* two
vouchers/contacts/sponsors are
mandatory for an application to be processed and eventually accepted.
We think the applicant
should be known into the community since some time before joining and
most of all he should provide
us a valid list of contributions together with two (or more) vouchers
confirming his involvement and passion
for GNOME.

- I managed to clean up our tickets queue [3] and now all tickets have
been answered back and are awaiting an
answer. We are on top of requests and I'm sure there won't be any
delay processing new applications from now

- there will be some changes to come on how foundation members are
handled in Mango at the moment, but
this will take time and hard work, so it won't happen in the near future.

That's all for now!

If you need any other informations, feel free to follow up or contact
us via mail. [4]

Thanks in advance and happy new year everyone,

Andrea Veri
on behalf of the GNOME Foundation Membership Committee

[4] membership-committee gnome org

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